“The reason it worked was Ron,” said Michael Kramer, who previouslyserved as Apple Retail’s CFO and now works with Johnson as Penney’sCOO. “Even in the face of bad numbers or challenges, he was alwaysinspiring you.” According to the report, Johnson approached Jobs in September 2000about the entire approach to Apple’s retail stores. “I think we’ve got it wrong,” he said. “The stores arefundamentally flawed.” Johnson argued that the stores shouldn’t beorganized around individual products and should instead incorporateApple’s idea for a ‘digital hub.’ Jobs reacted strongly at first. Mini Laser Stage Lighting

After all, ground had already beenbroken on the first location in McLean, Va. “Do you realize howmuch time I put into designing this store?” he said. After a pause,he conceded, “You might be right, but don’t talk about it to theteam today.” According to Johnson, Jobs subsequently walked into a team meetingand said, “Ron thinks this store is all wrong, and he’s right.We’re going to start over.’” Johnson revealed late last year that he had “reimagined everything” when creating Apple’s retailstores. “You have to create a store that’s more than a store topeople,” he said. Moving Heads Lighting Manufacturer

“People come to the Apple Store for theexperience. Disco Laser Lighting


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